Licavoli’s Market Restaurant Review! (Vegetarian)

Ever since we moved to Saint Clair Shores I have been looking for some tasty places nearby. Luckily my friend Victoria suggested this tiny Italian Market down the road called Licavoli’s Market! You can choose from a variety of Stone-Fired Pizzas, Subs, Salads and Soups. Today I decided to pick the most “interesting” Pizza on the menu. Although this combination is not vegan, it is one that I could not pass up 🙂 My pizza choice was their Potato Bianca, a tasty dough topped with thin sliced potatoes, caramelized onions, olive oil, parmesan and rosemary! Each massive piece is perfectly crisp and tastes every bit like a baked potato 🙂 Anyone craving a new pizza flavor, give this one a try! Licavoli’s also has other amazing pizzas, however this one will become one of my favorites now 🙂 This pizza rings in at $10, not bad for a quick and tasty lunch!




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