Tempting Taco Salad (Vegan)

To stay on budget I will bend and flex with grocery store sales, especially when it comes to Organic Produce. When I see a great deal I go for it! As long as the produce looks good, you can save your self a few dollars by shopping the sales. Today I saw that the 50/50 Sprig Mix was a “WhooHoo Great Deal!” and could not pass it up.

fullsizeoutput_781.jpegTo use these greens and satiate a Dorito craving I decided to make my Tempting Taco Salad! It’s cheap and easy for a family dinner or work lunch 🙂 Start with these ingredients:

-Organic Greens

-¼ c. Organic Beans

-¼ c. Organic Corn

-¼ c. Organic Sliced Carrots

-⅓ serving of each, Blaze, Sweet Chili and Original Frito chips (And yes these do not           contain any animal products, so they are Vegan!)

-1 Tbsp. Western Dressing (This is Vegan as well!)


Place your chips in a plastic bag and smash until crushed to your liking 🙂 Watch out, sometimes the chips might puncture a little hole in the Ziploc Bag.

Next combine Greens, Corn, Beans, Carrots and Chips together.


Add the 1 Tbsp. of Western Dressing and stir!


Once combined you can put on a plate and enjoy! I like to make an extra large version of this for work functions, cheap and easy 🙂 Feel free to add meat, cheese or any extras that you like, this is simply my vegan version 🙂 Tell me what you think, and thanks for following!




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