A Vegan’s BFF (Best Fast Food)-Taco Bell :)

How many times have you been running errands or on a family trip and you find yourself STARVING! You only have a few bucks and few minutes to make some food happen before you’re back on the road. Luckily your problem can be solved with ease. Taco Bell offers Certified Vegan options at all of their locations! You won’t have to sacrifice price or flavor when it comes to these combinations! The Taco Bell website actually lists which ingredients of theirs are Vegan and which are Vegetarian, however for a quick resource I will provide it below 🙂 So have fun and get creating!


The following combination is their side of Black Beans & Rice ($1.49). Next on the right is their Triple Layer Nachos with NO CHEESE and adding Onions ($1.00). A quick snack that will not disappoint 🙂


If soft tacos are your thing, their Spicy Potato Soft Taco with NO CHEESE and NO CHIPOTLE SAUCE is right up your alley ($1.00). You can add their various sauce packets for some added flavor! (Their Mild, Hot and Diablo packets are Vegan).


If you are craving a crunchy taco you can order their Crunchy Taco Supreme ($2.14) without BEEF, CHEESE, & SOUR CREAM. Add on Black Beans for a tasty protein win!


For a super filling burrito on the cheap, you can get their Beefy Fritos Burrito ($1.25) without BEEF or CHEESE. Add Onions and Refried Beans 🙂 By the way Fritos are also Vegan!


Last but not least, if you are a Crunchwrapper, you can get the Crunchwrap Supreme ($4.84) and load it up! Take off the BEEF, SOUR CREAM, and CHEESE. Then add in Black Beans, Guacamole, Onions and Potatoes! Get ready to fill up for under $5 🙂


Try out these combos or let me know if you have any interesting ones of your own! Enjoy the Vegan life on a budget and on the go! Thanks for following 🙂



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