DateBox Review-March Box!

For this month’s box we actually celebrated on a Sunday morning! They gave us all of the items we needed for a great Sunday breakfast. Love shaped Pancakes and freshly squeeze orange juice 🙂 Keeping with the “morning” theme they gave us all of our instructions on a morning newspaper! Pretty awesome considering they even had games in the back for us to challenge each other in. So here’s what was inside!

-Pancake Mix & Syrup

-Heart and X&O Cookie Cutters

-Small Fruit Juicer


-Monopoly Card Game


I cooked the pancakes (adding Vegan Chocolate Chips) with an egg substitute of Flaxseed. You simply take 1 Tbsp. Flaxseed, combine with 3 Tbsp. Water and blend in your Nutri Bullet until gelatinized. You can make this substitution for any recipe 🙂 1 Tbsp. Flaxseed Mixture = 1 Egg. I also substituted Cow Milk for Almond Milk, and BOOM, Vegan Breakfast 🙂



Kenneth then smashed tiny clementines into the carafe, which ended up being the best juice we have ever had:) Very time consuming, but tasty!


We then enjoyed our pancakes and answered the questions in the back of the newspaper. We learned some fun new facts and challenged each other to a word search:)


Once breakfast was cleaned up we played multiple games of Monopoly and had a great time:)


This months box was perfect for a day after St.Patrick’s Day recovery:) Try them out by buying one box, or go crazy and get the subscription like us! Follow this link to get $10 off! DateBox Me! Please subscribe and thanks for following!




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