Lunch & Munch (Vegan)

It’s the night before work and you have to pack ANOTHER lunch. What a drag right? Well let’s make that lunch a bit easier on you 🙂 Here’s a lunch idea for you to try, vegan and tasty!

-1 can of Kroger Spicy Black Beans

-Spanish Rice (whichever recipe you enjoy most!)

-1 lb. Bag of carrots

-Fruit of your choice

-Breakfast of your choice


First cook your beans on the stove to soften, allow to cool. Now prepare your Mexican rice and allow to cool. Place beans in the mason jar first, followed by cooled rice, add lid 🙂  I always bring an extra bowl to work with me so I can really stir it up when reheating.


Peel your carrots, spray with a bit of EVOO and place on a cookie sheet. Put these in the oven for 1 hour at 400 degrees. I like mine a bit over cooked 🙂 Place in a bowl and you’re done!


Cut fruit of choice and place in your mason jar 🙂


I love rice cereal which chocolate almond milk, or a trail mix in the morning 🙂 This time I picked cereal. Typically I place my milk (Chocolate almond milk 1:1 with unflavored almond milk) in a wide mason jar and bring my cereal in a plastic bag. Combine in the mason jar for an easy breakfast!


A simple and filling lunch that will last you for the next two days, now you can go to work stress free 🙂 Try out these combos and let me know how it goes! Please subscribe and thanks for following!



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