DateBox Review:) – April Box!

This month we received a box that allowed us to not only make our own ice cream but learn a bit of salsa dancing as well! We were given all of the supplies (not including heavy cream & ice) to make homemade ice cream with toppings! They also provided us an online dance class to learn a few beginners salsa steps. After that we were able to enjoy our ice cream and play a game centered around “The Newlywed Game”, you get to see how much you do and don’t know about your significant other! Let’s dive in!


We prepped our ice cream first by placing our cream mixture in a ziplock bag with ice and rock ice πŸ™‚ We then shook it for 5 minutes, during which we actually got a really good workout in. After the shaking we then placed it in the freezer to firm up. While it was chilling, we began our salsa lesson!


The online salsa lesson lasted about 30 minutes and was a great way for us to test our dance skills πŸ™‚ Mine were better than his of course;) After this we then prepped our ice cream sundaes (which I couldn’t eat, not vegan, however there were Oreos which are vegan!) and get our game ready!


Our game consisted of questions that we would ask ourselves, write our answers down and then have each other guess the proper answers πŸ™‚ Basically a form of “The Newlywed Game”. Whoever had the most answers correct at the end of the game won! Sadly to say, I lost by one point 😦 However we learned fun things about each other that we may might not have otherwise known!


Overall we got to create our own ice cream, dance with each other and find out new things with our DateBox this month πŸ™‚ If any of you would like to give it a go you can follow this link and get $10 off your first box! Let me know if you have any questions!Β Click here for $10 off!Β Leave a comment and let me know what you think!



2 thoughts on “DateBox Review:) – April Box!

  1. Hi Samantha,

    I am considering gifting Datebox to my friend and her boyfriend (both vegan) for Christmas. I have Datebox myself and I don’t see a way to let them know you are vegan, I only see that you can select to “avoid” dairy, meat, and fish in the questionnaire. Do you have all those selected? How often do you get something that you can’t eat? It seems from your other posts that you’ve also selected the option to avoid gluten – do you think that helps to get more vegan items? Do you think that this is a good gift for them?



    1. Hello Heather!
      Yes I have both of those checked on mine selected as well, however we have gotten a few boxes that contain dairy 😦 Luckily for most of the boxes that we get food, I have been able to substitute almond milk (we made hot chocolate one night) or make it my own (I had vegan chocolate chips when we did the fondue, so I simply used those with almond milk instead of the chocolate that they provided!). However, most of the dates have been great regardless of my vegan restrictions! They always give you something small to eat or make, however the majority of the date is spent doing something such as playing a game or talking πŸ™‚ You can always contact their customer service and they can help you directly too! Thank you for your awesome question!



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