Restaurant Review : The Clean Plate!

This small restaurant located in Shelby Township is a great way for seasoned Vegans or new Vegetarians to enjoy a meal 🙂 While there I witnessed a new customer come in and mention that they were recently diagnosed with Heart Disease and wanted help finding Plant Based meals. The entire staff was incredibly helpful and worked one on one to find a dish that would satisfy this customers needs. So not only does this establishment provide delicious meals, they can give you educational assistance as well 🙂 How could you not want to come here and explore their many delectable dishes!


Today I started off with the Vegan Zucchini Soup. This soup is light but full of flavor! A great neutral start to any meal. The ingredients are as follows..


Next I ordered their Vegan BBQ Tofu Sandwich. This contains Sourdough bread topped with tofu sautéed in house-made apricot BBQ sauce and Daiya cheese with caramelized onion, arugula, avocado and a side of honey mustard dressing. Although the Honey Mustard Dressing is not vegan I was able to get it on the side for a small taste 🙂 The restaurant gets their honey from a local bee keeper who is actively trying to repopulate the dying bee’s 😦 You can find their products and honey at Green Toe Gardens!


This amazing sandwich is HUGE! Definitely something you can share with another person or simply take home and have amazing leftovers 🙂 The BBQ Tofu is soft yet flavorful so you never get the feeling that you are actually chopping on a big piece of soy. The caramelized onions balance out the sandwich so well that you barely even notice they are there. This sandwich also comes with a Vegan Coleslaw that will have you drooling for more.


Next I ordered a small side dish of their Vegan Mac and Cheese. It is hard to find a good Vegan cheese sauce, however here they did an amazing job! Smooth and thick, this sauce was a perfect match. Topped with a few pieces of broccoli this side dish can easily become a whole meal for any Vegan Cheese lover 🙂


Next I ordered a few desserts to explore the amazing Safflower Street Plant-Based Treats 🙂 I got a Raspberry Swirl and Candy Bar. The Raspberry Swirl was packed with flavor and a subtle sweetness. It was a great way to end my meal and also a beauty to photograph. Next I took home their Candy Bar to enjoy later. The Candy Bar is a new addition however I believe it one to stay. Imagine a cross between Reeses and Snickers, that is exactly what this treat embodies 🙂


So whether you come in for a meal or dessert, The Clean Plate will impress you and your taste buds! They have a knowledgable and friendly staff that aims to please. So stop in for a meal you will not forget 🙂




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