Ale Mary’s Royal Oak New Menu! (Vegan)

The ground breaking staff over at Ale Mary’s has finally created their Half Vegan and Half Non-Vegan Menu! It was their goal to be completely inclusive, so Vegan’s and Non Vegan’s alike can come together and have a tasty meal. When you go to a restaurant one person has to compromise, and typically the food doesn’t end up being very memorable. However, at Ale Mary’s both diets can have something spectacular 🙂


Today I was dying to try their Vegan Chocolate Chip Milkshake 🙂 I have seen photos of these gorgeously put together desserts, and HAD to have one! Not only does it taste EXACTLY like a milkshake, the cookies are handmade by my friend Katy! Cookies made fresh and in house, ready for your milkshake delight 🙂 Take a pic and take a sip!


Next our meal consisted of their always amazing Vegan Chili Cheese Fries, made of Sea Salt Fries, FYH Vegan Cheese and Impossible Chili! Hot and ready to eat, any fry lover will crave these. Whether you are vegan or not these fries will have you saying “Fry-Yay”!


My main entree was their new addition, Tuscan Penne Pasta. When I first came here they had this pasta paired with a cheese sauce (obviously amazing), however they switched it up and put a creamy tomato sauce instead 🙂 The sauce is light, making the creamy flavor very balanced. You won’t feel overly full or stuffed. The portion is quite large, allowing you to get two meals in one! It contains Chickpea Penne, Tomato Cream Sauce, Asparagus, Brussels, Onions, and Blistered Tomatoes. Trying this dish is a Detroit Vegan must!


For my mother she got their Vegan Impossible Chorizo Tacos, Corn Tortilla, Purple Cabbage Slaw, Avocado Citrus Dressing, Pineapple Coconut Rice and Avocado. We come from a Hispanic heritage, so chorizo was a main staple of my diet from a young age. This chorizo ended up being a bit salty than what we were used to, however paired with the rice it was toned down. Overall the tacos were tasty and fresh 🙂 Give this one a try for any of you Mexican food loving vegans out there!


From start to finish our meal was delicious 🙂 The staff at Ale Mary’s is always friendly and willing to help you figure out what dish suits you. They now have their patio open so come on down for a drink, snack or both! All diets are welcome 🙂 Thank you for following! Leave me a comment below!





2 thoughts on “Ale Mary’s Royal Oak New Menu! (Vegan)

  1. i am dying to try one of the shakes! need to get back there soon.


    1. Oh my goodness yes! You will be amazed at how good they are!


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